Ira Losco’s husband is HOT and you probably haven’t had a clue for all this time

Maltese superstar Ira Losco surely must’ve been a very lucky girl when she was chosen to represent Malta in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. Two days before her semi final performance, Losco revealed she was expecting a baby with her boyfriend Sean Gravina. Being the uninterested Eurovision nerds we are, and the fact Sean has no connection to Eurovision or whatsoever, we completely failed to give Gravina the attention he deserves.

After reading a post of Losco on Facebook, in which she thanks the father of her baby son, Gravina certainly drew our attention – and we found out just how lucky Losco really is. Spoilert alert! She hit the freaking jackpot.

Gravina is a professional chef, who has worked for The Hilton Hotel, joined Gordon Ramsey’s Michelin Star restaurant Maze, entered Master Chef Professionals and will feature in an upcoming prime time show on television. But above all, he’s smoking hot, an adorable father, wonderful boyfriend and.. did we mention he’s a chef already?

The couple has known each other for a long time already as Losco’s late uncle and Gravina’s dad were best friends. Even though the couple seems to be extremely happy, it wasn’t quite love at first sight. A few years ago, when Gravina was still living in the United Kingdom, he sent Losco a message for her birthday and that’s when things have really taken off for the two. In an interview for, Losco admits Gravina goes all the way to make her feel special.

He does sound like the perfect boyfriend. And he sure looks like one as well.

Not to forget what the man can do with food.

Ira, dear.. it’s time to let him put a ring on it before it’s too late!

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